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Saxony-Anhalt has numerous holiday regions and towns that are well worth a visit. Holidaymakers especially enjoy the impressive view from the Brocken, one of the most popular destinations in Saxony-Anhalt. A suitable holiday flat or holiday home is quickly found to discover a new piece of Saxony-Anhalt every day.

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Brocken magic already enchanted great poets

Saxony-AnhaltThere are many different regions in Saxony-Anhalt that are worth a visit. Clearly, however, the most visited region is the Harz Mountains. It is a popular holiday destination for both hikers and winter sports enthusiasts.

At 1141 metres, the Brocken is the highest peak in the Harz. From the top, there is a magnificent panoramic view. Even famous travellers such as Goethe and Heine were magically attracted to the summit in their day. Goethe recorded his impressions of the Blocksberg on Walpurgis Night in Faust and Heine in his Harz Journey.The "mountain of the Germans", as the summit is also called, lies on the former inner-German border and was a restricted area from 1961 to 1989. Climatically, its elevated position in northern Germany makes for harsh winds and cold temperatures, comparable to the mountains of Iceland. The magical mountain peak lies in the middle of the core zone of the Harz National Park. That's why public transport is barred. And how do you get up there? Either by covered wagon from Schierke or by narrow-gauge Brocken railway or, like the great poets, on foot.

The town of Wernigerode owes its nickname to a poet. Hermann Löns coined the term "colourful town on the Harz". Wernigerode boasts a veritable idyll of architectural features such as half-timbered houses dating back six centuries, the historic town hall and the castle towering over the town. Like Wernigerode, many other interesting places and facilities can be visited barrier-free: Freyburg wine region, Magdeburg, the Bad Salzelmen brine spring, the Wörlitz grounds, the city of Havelberg, Halberstadt, Quedlinburg and Jerichow Monastery.

Saxony-Anhalt is also well equipped for guests in terms of holiday flats or holiday homes. From there, after a refreshing night's sleep, holidaymakers can tackle the next destinations full of energy.

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Ferienwohnungen  Saxony-AnhaltExperience an unforgettable holiday in one of the most beautiful and popular holiday destinations in Germany. Saxony-Anhalt offers holiday flats and holiday homes in varied holiday destinations to discover. A successful holiday includes casual holiday accommodation that becomes a piece of home while travelling: a cosy flat, a spacious holiday flat or a comfortable holiday home. holidaymakers will find a large selection of holiday accommodations in the destination Saxony-Anhalt. In the multitude of offers, the suitable holiday home or holiday flat is found in no time at all. A holiday home that meets all requirements: for families, couples, singles, seniors, groups, for young and old. Even your own dog is welcome in many holiday accommodations.

Let your dream holiday begin at home. Rent at your holiday accommodation in the destination Saxony-Anhalt cheap and directly from the landlord - without diversions, without additional costs.

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