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The North Heath holiday region impresses holidaymakers with a special mix of nature and culture. The wildlife park, the planetary nature trail and the philosophical rock garden are popular destinations, as are the open-air museum and the Bossard art gallery. Visitors to North Heath appreciate the varied leisure activities on offer, as well as the large number of holiday flats and holiday homes.

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The Magician, the Philosophers and Barefoot Tales

You'll probably quickly guess where to experience this: animal fun at the Lüneburg Heath Game Park and the Schwarze Berge Game Park, a journey into the living history of the open-air museum at the Kiekeberg and cultural enjoyment at the Bossard Art Gallery and the Egestorf Barefoot Park. Exactly! The North Heath between Hamburg and Soltau is home to the Lüneburg Heath nature reserve. Ideally accessible via the A7 motorway, there are many sights to discover here that will enhance your holiday in the Lüneburg Heath.

Another bonus on top: the three ring bus lines of the free Heide Shuttle transport holidaymakers and their bikes comfortably to many other interesting destinations. For example, there is the Lüneburg Heath Wildlife Park in Hanstedt - with over 1,200 animals and about 140 different species, the most species-rich zoo in the north. Visitors can meet snow leopards, brown bears, coatis, wolves, moose, lynxes, reindeer, wapitis, arctic foxes, wild cats, raccoons, water buffaloes, poitou donkeys and prairie dogs.

The Auquadies in Egestorf is also close to nature. The fully biological natural adventure pool is a swimming pool without additional chemicals. The modern open-air water landscape offers family-friendly adventure areas, a desire for sunshine, enjoyment of nature, fun swimming and playing, plenty of space to relax and feel good.

Stay relaxed, but at 16 times the speed of light? Let's go to the barrier-free planetary nature trail in Handeloh. Take a stroll along the planetary nature trail. The sun marks the starting point of the path as a sphere about 28 centimetres in diameter on a three-metre-high obelisk. From there, you continue from planet to planet. The solar system is depicted on a scale of 1:5,000,000 (5 billion). This results in a length of the entire path of about 1.2 kilometres. The distances of the planets along the path are to scale, i.e. Mercury is at a distance of 11.6 metres from the Sun, Venus 21.6 metres and so on - until finally Pluto finishes at 1193.2 metres.

Now we switch from celestial to fairytale: the fairytale hiking trail "Der Trickser" in the North Heath offers 20 stations to join in. The legend goes like this: A misfortune has happened: The "Trickster" has destroyed the magic wand of a village. Now there is only strife between the elves, the dwarves and the goblins, who until now lived together in harmony. Three friends - the elf Pinki, the dwarf Zipfel and the goblin Keril - consult the wise snake, who tells them how they can get a new magic wand. But until that happens, the three friends first have to find seven ingredients and go on several adventures, as do the young and old visitors.

The best place to philosophise about the goals presented is the Philosophical Stone Garden in Egestorf, which the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park opened in 2006 and declared a natural wonder. Next to an old avenue of trees, there are stone sculptures with a philosophical background, such as the "stone of offence", the "stumbling stone" or the "stone that falls from the heart". In addition, the place has a certain mysticism in it, because from 1872 to 1944 this place was the cemetery of Egestorf.

Those who decide on a holiday in North Heath are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation, the selection is huge and often convinces with the best ratings. Dogs are often welcome, too, and so only taste and the wallet decide on the temporary home.

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