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In North Frisia, holiday wishes come true: in the holiday region, holidaymakers find relaxation for body, mind and soul. The unique nature, the fresh sea air, the Wadden Sea, low tide and high tide are balm for the soul. And those who want even more North Frisia in the evening can enjoy a Pharisäer, the North Frisian national drink, in their holiday accommodation.

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North Friesland: Just the right area for small and large holidaymakers. There is enough room here for all holiday dreams. From flying kites to long tours over the seabed in the Wadden Sea National Park - in North Friesland there is room for everything. And more fun than anywhere else, because North Frisia is uncomplicated - and often underestimated.

Dagebüll, for example, is not only the "gateway to the islands of Föhr and Amrum". If you want to swim, sunbathe or catch your breath, the recognised resort of Dagebüll is just the place for you.The green beach offers a unique view of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park with its islands and Halligen, surrounded by the fascinating play of clouds on the coast. Low tide and high tide can not only be observed from the comfort of a beach chair. On an expertly guided mudflat walk you can experience this unique natural spectacle with all your senses. Dagebüll and the surrounding area offer a special nature experience in spring and autumn. Thousands of resting birds in the sky, a magnificent play of colours in the clouds - which has also inspired artists - and the wind in your face mean relaxation for body, mind and soul.The proximity of the harbour and the railway station invite you to take day trips to the islands, Halligen and neighbouring Denmark. A trip to the Nordstrand peninsula is also worthwhile. Surrounded by the Wadden Sea, it lies to the west of the North Frisian district town of Husum and offers a lot of peace and quiet, nature and numerous opportunities to exercise in the fresh air. Surfing, sailing and horseback riding are just some of the activities on offer. It is also possible to go around the island on inline skates or by bike. You can swim almost everywhere - provided the North Sea is there, because Nordstrand is in the tidal zone.

The starting point for boat trips to the North Frisian Hallig and island world is Strucklahnungshörn harbour in the northwest of the island. Ferries also leave from Strucklahnungshörn for Amrum, Sylt and the Hallig Hooge as well as the neighbouring island of Pellworm. For birdwatchers, a visit to Beltringharder Koog is a must. Diked in 1987, the area serves not only as a reservoir but also for nature conservation. A saltwater biotope was created into which the water can flow in and out through the Holmer Siel. Today, the Koog has an important function as a breeding and resting place for birds. Visitors can observe the bird life from the dike. There is also an observation hut in the area. For those interested, there are regular ornithological guided tours.

Nordstrand is also the birthplace of the North Frisian national drink "Pharisäer". A real Pharisäer consists of coffee, sugar and four centilitres of rum, topped with a cream topping - so you don't smell the rum. One of the island's specialities is lamb, which is available in restaurants and directly from the breeder for preparation at home. For example, in one of the numerous holiday flats rented for a few days and nights. It is easy to find the right property for a holiday with family or friends.

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