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The North Frisian Islands holiday region is one of the most beautiful and popular holiday regions in Germany. Wide seas, endless horizons and in the middle of it all the North Frisian Islands of Sylt, Föhr, Pellworm and Amrum. No matter which island it should be, each offers suitable holiday flats and holiday homes for holidaymakers.

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Sylt is considered the fanciest and most expensive island in the North Sea, yet there is a wide choice for all budgets. There is tolerance here in the smallest of spaces, when celebrities and families, hikers and convertible drivers, cyclists and cruisers simply enjoy the island together. In the west, the sound of the sea and music share the sandy beaches. Here you can throw yourself into the full island life, strolling chicly and beautifully. In the east, there is a contrasting programme: thatched Frisian houses duck between the dunes into the heath valleys with a view of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, Sylt's beauty unfolds in a way that makes artists, photographers, poets and holidaymakers alike rave. The umbilical cord to the mainland is the Hindenburg Dam, which transports island-loving tourists to the island by train. Sylt is considered chic and expensive, but there is a wide choice for all budgets. This also applies to holiday flats, which in many cases also welcome North Sea holidaymakers with dogs.

But the other North Frisian islands also have their own feel-good character: anyone who has been to Föhr once will always come back, because the island is simply good for body and soul. Healthy air, milder temperatures, longer hours of sunshine - it is not without reason that Föhr is known as The Frisian Caribbean. In this fun-loving climate, you quickly leave everyday life behind and breathe deeply with every step you take. Föhr is simply the island with the special feel-good effect.

Soft, white and wide, it lies there like a finely woven silk cloth. The sight is spectacular and breathtaking when you look out onto the beach on the North Sea island of Amrum at the Norddorfer Übergang. 15 kilometres long, almost two kilometres wide and thus one of the largest beaches in Europe. And that on such a small island.

The natural landscape surrounding the island of Pellworm is unique in the world. At the border between the mainland and the open sea lies the Wadden Sea - a fascinating landscape that exists no other time on earth in this contiguous size. On the horizon are the Halligen - "floating dreams" is what Theodor Storm once called these small islets in the middle of the sea.

Island or not? That is a question of the heart here. Although Nordstrand is considered more of a peninsula due to its connection with the mainland by causeway, it is an island in the hearts of the islanders and according to its historical past.

Where the sky and the sea meet, on the horizon and then a little further, there lies Helgoland, Germany's only high seas island. Strictly speaking, there are two islands, one a 61-metre-high cliff of red sandstone rocks, the other a 0.7-square-kilometre sand dune. A paradise in the middle of the sea.

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