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The Lusatia holiday region is perfect for cyclists, hikers and water sports enthusiasts. Themed tours, romantic river landscapes, heath and lakes - the beauty of nature never fails to impress holidaymakers in Lusatia. A suitable holiday flat or holiday home is the ideal base camp for relaxation and discovery tours in the Lusatia holiday region.

More than Zittau Mountains and Prince Pückler

For many, the name Lusatia is most readily associated with the magnificent parks of Prince Pückler and the Zittau Mountains with their bizarre cliffs. But Lusatia has much more to offer: Europe's largest artificial water landscape is being created here and the fourth-largest lake district in Germany, the development of which can be experienced first-hand by everyone with the development of tourism. For guests of the region, there is a large selection of holiday flats that are ideal as base camps for exploring the sights and holiday activities.

Holidaymakers can find active recreation by cycling. Important and long-distance routes include the Spreeradweg, the Niederlausitzer Bergbautour and the Gurkenradweg. Thematically selected cycling tours such as the Crane Tour, the Krabat Cycle Path or the Wolf Cycle Path complete the offer. Those who prefer hiking or water sports also have plenty to choose from: idyllically situated small forest lakes, romantic river landscapes, the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape, man-made large lakes and natural lakes - the diversity of water bodies is inviting. With the Lusatian Lakeland, Europe's largest artificial water landscape will be created in the coming years, linked by navigable canals. The first bodies of water have already been opened up for water tourism. The best view of this project is, of course, offered by a sightseeing flight with breathtaking panoramas and beautiful landscapes. From above, passengers get a feel for the vast expanses of water that the Lusatian Lakeland occupies. Kamenz, Nardt, Cottbus/Neuhaus and Schwarzheide are the departure points.

It can also be exciting to look around historic towns full of history and idyllic villages with carefully restored, centuries-old houses. For friends of art and culture, there is a diverse programme in Lusatia: whether classical or modern theatre, regional music festival or exciting museum exhibition - you are guaranteed to find something suitable.

Lusatia is a children's paradise with fun pools, amusement parks, narrow-gauge railways and plenty of room to run around. They discover fantasy worlds, can race each other in every season, fight with dinosaurs, conquer mountains, listen to incredible stories and visit the neighbouring countries of Poland and the Czech Republic.

Finally, let's take a look at Hermann Prince von Pückler-Muskau (1785-1871). The important landscape architect, writer and well-known lover and gourmet did not create the Prince Pückler ice cream himself. The oldest known recipe for an ice cream of this name comes from the Royal Prussian Court chef Louis Ferdinand Jungius, who dedicated a three-layer cream ice cream to Pückler in his cookbook in 1839. Prince Pückler Park has been on the World Heritage List since 2005 and is more than worth a visit.

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