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The Bergisches Land holiday region offers holidaymakers a varied mix of industrial culture and impressive nature: nowhere else are the two so close together. Old and modern means of local transport take you on a journey through time to exciting destinations, living industrial history and museums. The hilly, winding landscape can be discovered on foot or by bike. And as an ideal base camp for tours in the Bergisches Land holiday region, there are many holiday flats and holiday homes.

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Pole taxi, Wupperschiene and bicycle trolley

Bergisches Land. A region where industrial culture and breathtaking landscapes can be experienced in close proximity to each other, and which also offers many exciting leisure opportunities? Doesn't exist? Sure there is! A stroll through the Bergisch Three proves this: the Remscheid-Solingen-Wuppertal tourism region. Hiking on foot, on a bicycle or excursions with historical means of transport to places of industrial culture as well as possibilities to dine, meet, stay overnight and shop in the original Bergisch way.

Inventive spirit called for. When people live on the heights and in the valleys of a low mountain range and are blessed with a particularly large amount of water there, this challenges the spirit of invention. As a result, the routes then lead from one place to another over high viaducts, through tunnels and in serpentines. Even the Wupper has found its way, which does not always lead directly to the Rhine. And many a hiker looks surprised when he unexpectedly finds himself on its banks again. Water is power - that was discovered early on: Industrialisation in Europe began here. The grinding mills and weaving mills became world market leaders. Nature, however, has found peace again. Industrial culture and landscape - nowhere else are they so close together as in the Bergische Drei.

On foot through the countryside, by bike along old railway lines, by motorbike or car on winding roads, simply enjoying the landscape or with a thirst for knowledge and adventure on the way to exciting destinations - there are many ways to discover the Bergisches Land.

The way becomes the destination. People in the Bergisches Städtedreieck had to be inventive to be able to transport people and goods reliably: Mountains and valleys, rivers and streams everywhere. Resourceful engineers and road builders took up the challenge and created an ingenious transport system with very special vehicles and routes in the 19th century. And so that people can still imagine it today, many of them have been lovingly restored. Not for the museum, but to take visitors to exciting places in the region in an unusual way. The journey itself becomes a destination. And some of the means of transport from those days have stood the test of time. The "Stangentaxi", the trolley bus typical of Solingen, is still in everyday use. And the suspension railway in Wuppertal is just as suitable for everyday use as it is a unique and world-famous highlight of the city.

Who still remembers conductors? Of a time when being a locomotive driver was a dream job, train compartments still had wooden benches and buses drove around in neat beige? The Bergischer Ring takes you on a journey back in time every second Sunday in the summer half-year: In an over 80-year-old tram or in a vintage bus from the 1950s, you can travel at a leisurely pace to the sites of industrial culture. The Bergischer Ring is an alliance of eleven associations that bring together unique industrial culture and Bergisch transport history. Exciting destinations are made accessible with old and modern means of local transport, and living industrial history and museums, landscape and culture are linked with each other. In Solingen, the cityscape is still characterised by the "Stangentaxi", historic trams are on the move in the Kaltenbachtal, an old railway line has been revived as the "Wupperschiene", and the most beautiful part of the old route can be experienced on the Wuppertrail bicycle trolley.

Practical, classy, brand quality: that's how factory outlets work. The region's factory outlets have a lot to offer: Practical, classy and, above all, top quality. Here you can buy what is made right next door in brand quality: traditional special products such as blades and cutlery of all kinds in Solingen, woven ribbons in Wuppertal and more. Today, cutlery from Solingen can be found all over the world. They are sought after everywhere because the name stands for quality. And it gets really exciting when you can also take a look inside the companies. Some companies open their doors to visitors. There you can marvel at real craftsmanship and at the same time buy fine products directly from the manufacturer.

There are many reasons to visit the Bergische Drei: Some are looking for the pure nature experience, others follow the traces to industrial culture in the landscape and in the towns. Cosiness in historic old towns, adventure for families, exciting destinations for explorers and inquisitive minds - many things are possible, leisure time enjoyment always guaranteed. Whether for a weekend or a short holiday - many hosts offer a temporary home and create the best conditions for a pleasant and relaxing stay. And the culinary offer is diverse. It ranges from regional specialities to international culinary delights.

4500 animals from all over the world in one place. Apes, bears, lions, elephants, fish, birds, reptiles - they are all at home in Wuppertal Zoo. Around 4,500 animals in almost 500 species from all parts of the world live here. Spaciously housed in modern enclosures, you can experience them up close. The Wuppertal Zoological Garden is one of the oldest and most traditional in Germany. It was opened in 1881 by Wuppertal citizens, bankers and factory owners, at that time with 34 animals, including a bear and a pair of wolves. Today it is one of the most modern animal enclosures in Europe and one of the most beautiful landscapes of its kind. Situated on a slope, the landscape is characterised by wide meadows, large ponds and old trees.

In 2007, the grounds were extended by a large section. Since then, the Samba Route, a footpath and cycle path on an old railway line, has led right through the grounds and on a bridge directly over the lion enclosure. Concerts, guided tours and festivals: the zoo provides space for events of many kinds. It is open daily all year round and a visit is worthwhile at any time of year.

The castles in the Bergisches Land are mostly old aristocratic residences founded in the Middle Ages. Former castles were remodelled in the Baroque era or are now preserved in the design language of historicism. The owners have restored the manor houses and use the buildings as museums or hotels. The tour of the ten most beautiful castles in the Bergisches Land begins north at Schloss Hardenberg in Velbert and ends south at Schloss Homburg in Nümbrecht.

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